Tiffany Brunch

Tiffany Brunch

Kaliko drapey cardigan
$49 –

H M green lace top
$34 –

H&M jeans
$51 –

Zara handbag

H M knot necklace
$5.09 –

Linda Farrow aviator glasses
$765 –


Envy Me

Envy Me

H M dress
$68 –

H M jacket
$25 –

Qupid yellow shoes

Clare V leather purse
$195 –

Mecca of the Newlyweds <3



Sorry guys, it took me few days to post on the blog, I have been sick for the first time now since I moved to Slovenia .. got such a nasty virus eeeh!! but thank god I am getting better now. El hamdoli Allah.  btw, any of you here blogging from Slovenia??  let me hear from you if you do .. I can see that I have alot of views from Slovenia, would be nice to communicate 🙂 ..

So, visiting Venice had always been a dream of mine! Well visiting the world has always been a dream of mine , since a young age, I have always liked meeting different people and new people, exploring new places and getting lost in big cities … Getting lost is the best way to explore around in my opinion .. You see much more when you are walking around than being in a car, bus ..etc …

Back to Venice, I traveled to ” mecca of the newlyweds” with my hubby for our honeymoon.. It was only one week in mid February but it was one if the best in my life so far… I know February might not seem like a good choice of timing for some of you,  regarding the weather and all however, let me tell you why we didn’t regret it and it actually turned out for the best!

First, we got what we consider a great deal for our Hotel .. It was a good offer and it was so because February is considered an “off season” for the tourism .. so YEY for saving money!

Second, I dont think Venice will ever be “not crowded” however it wasnt CRAZY crowded which we also loved, one f the best walks we had was walking in these small hidden, maze like streets and at some points it was only us walking .. was such a great feeling ..

Third, guess what? you get to experience ALL kinda weather in Venice!!! we had rain, we had sun, we had wind and cold, we had them all hehehehe … we were lucky enough to get few sunny warm days, yuppieeee HEAVEN!

4th! it was sales season! I shopped like crazy hehehe 😉

wearing: H&M Leather Jacket bought in London,  Skirt and boots bought in Venice a gifted bag from Dubai , scarf gifted to me from hubby bought in Sudan

I hope you will like the photos, let me know what you think, I appreciate it .. and please do add Venice to your list to go places ..

Smile and keep travelling , chances are there, go grab them

The Travelling Fashionista xx



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Travelers, make a guess?

Sneak-peak of my upcoming post .. make a guess of where I took this photo? little too easy to guess though yea? 🙂 ..

The Travelling Fashionista xx


Lets look at the world from a mountain’s top

Hi Hi,

While I was in Addis this past year, I had a great weekend one day with my housemates and a couple of strangers who posted on Facebook group that they are going on a one day trip and they have empty space in the van if any would want to join, my housemate singed us on and off we went! we only had to pay a little bit of money for the gas but that was it! Great deal for a nice time with nice people.

The trip outside Addis was to a place called ” Debre Lebanos” where there is water falls, mountains and great view from the top! .. it was really breathtaking and really calming and nothing like the craziness of Addis city .. Nice Fresh air to breath! 🙂

We  crossed the Portuguese bridge (last picture) which was built in the 16th century. then we also visited the Debre Libanos monastery which was founded in the 13th century.

we had a lunch in some place over the mounting, some traditional Ethiopian food “YUMMY” – if you have never tried it before and if you can stand spicy food, its a go go!- I totally love it .. this hidden restaurant/resort had a great view and benches outside where you can sit for a drink on the edge of the mountain .. again breathtaking!

and oh yea, I totally wore the WRONG shoes! lol, didnt know we will be hiking! thank god the guys were gentlemen and they helped me hehehe

If you have Instagram do follow me (link on the right side bar) .. I have more recent pictures over there, as I have just moved to a new continent!

wearing: H&M Jeans bought in New York, Primark top bought in London, Primark sandals bought in London, Africa map wooden earrings bought in Masai Market Nairobi

Hope you are having a great time wherever you are,

Peace, Love and Ice cream 😀  .. Don’t forget to take a chance and travel

p.s my cover photo was taken that day!

The Travelling Fashionista xx

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**My Africa**

“Africa is mystic; it is wild; it is a sweltering inferno; it is a photographer’s paradise, a hunter’s Valhalla, an escapist’s Utopia. It is what you will, and it withstands all interpretations. It is the last vestige of a dead world or the cradle of a shiny new one. To a lot of people, as to myself, it is just ‘home.”

The Travelling Fashionista xx

Wearing: H&M dress bought in Norway, H&M Cardigan bought in New York , Wood earrings bought at Massai Market Kenya, Primark nude heels bought in London, my friend’s head scarf 🙂 and African print belt

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Hello Lovelies,

2013 was defiantly the “Travelling Year” for me, I will be sharing more photos and outfits from all my trips and adventures 🙂 …

This is my first time to feature one of my friends on my blog .. meet the Lovely Canadian-Ghanaian : RITA .. it was a totally random photo-shoot..  I asked her to teach me how to tie my scarf like that and yea, I have also taken some photos .. post coming soon 😉 ..

and yea, thats M.A.C red lipstick , we both went for the red lips,  who said African girls can’t rock a red lips? Fo Sho we can and we will 😛

I am in love with these African Bangles, Head-wrap, and the Bow

isnt she lovely?  🙂

Have a nice time wherever you are, and remember to, Love, Laugh and Travel!

The Travelling Fashionista xx